People & Training

Our People

At PS Construction, all of our office based staff have had construction management training. We have approximately 25 directly employed staff, the majority of the workforce trained with us after leaving school, this means the average service time is approx 15 years, with a good proportion over 20 years service.

The team understands the importance of client-contractor relationships and the need to consistently deliver high standards.

We expect our employees to respect their colleagues, work as a team and show consideration for the environment in which they work. These key skills are what enables us to maintain staff for such long uninterrupted periods

Our Training

Training and development of the workforce plays a very important role within the business. Whether the training is to fulfill site requirements or personal ambitions, we plan, evaluate, and organise all requests through our training plan and training partners to ensure we maintain a fully qualified workforce . All relevant staff are trained in the areas bulleted below.

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • IPAF, MEWP Training
  • Mobile Tower PASMA Training
  • 360 Excavator/Dumper/Roller Manual Training
  • Face Fit Mask Training